The Snake Doctor

About Light of Mine Glass

Let your little light shine...........

Mosaic art form is ancient and ageless and reminds you that once something is broken, never throw it out...... it can be transformed and made into something even more special.

My art comes to life with just a little bit of light........It's all about the light

I have been a stained glass lover for many years. Once my children were raised and I had a little more time I decided it was time to figure out how to do it. I took an 8 week class, cut myself to ribbons for awhile and off I went to figure it out. There was quite a learning curve, a lot of bandaided fingers, and frustration. I started with the basics like creating sun catchers, moved on to more complex leaded panels, made a few stepping stones. All of these from patterns that I didn't create, so it became tedious and boring after awhile.

Then I discovered glass over glass mosaic art and a whole new world opened. I love vintage windows and the combination of these two things has worked very well for me. There are no patterns to follow anymore. These are my designs. I am free to color outside of the lines and create the piece as I go. This suits me well and I love making these windows. Sometimes I see the design in my head before I even start. Sometimes my customer's have described to me how they want their piece to look. Sometimes I get in an abstract mood and build an entire window around one little silly focal point.

Time in my shop is a little slice of heaven where I can hang out with piles of broken glass, marbles, sea glass, and junk, listening to my favorite podcasts or music. I am surrounded by the smell of vintage windows. An added layer of fun to my art process is a good "junking" day in old salvage shops and yards looking for just that perfect window.